Oaxaca, Mexico – All About Oaxaca

Oaxaca has always been a crossroads for various human populations. Now, being over 50% indigenous Mexican population, it is a haven for the tribes that used to cross through the area. Although, Oaxaca is very friendly to outsiders, and boasts some great sights and activities for tourists.

Culture and history are rich in the Oaxaca region. Ruins from the ancient tribes that used to inhabit the region are plentiful, as are museums that celebrate the history of the region.

All it takes is a stroll down the cities streets to see that it is proud of it’s history. The beautiful cathedral is a must see for visitors, as it really shows off the beauty of the city. The streets are also lined with quaint little cafes and restaurants which give it a very warm feeling.

Oaxaca is also incredibly important to Mexico’s food traditions. It is the birthplace of the “mole,” a very popular Mexican sauce that is used in many traditional cuisines. The region is even known throughout the country as “The Land of the Seven Moles.” Oaxaca also produces the delicious mozzarella like cheese that is named after the region.

A trip to Oaxaca is a great way to immerse oneself in Mexican culture and history. It’s also a great place to visit to sample some of the best local cuisine that the country has to offer!