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Timeshares are a great option if you want privacy and comfort. You can buy or rent a timeshare in Oaxaca and have the feeling and luxury of owning a vacation home without the cost of owning it year-round.

Renting & Buying Timeshares

Renting a Timeshare: Timeshare rentals are inexpensive and flexible ways to vacation. When you rent a timeshare, you’re renting from the owner the time he/she is allowed to use the timeshare. Because of this, it is generally less expensive than comparable accommodations in the area.

Buying a Timeshare: Buying a timeshare is type of real estate where you purchase a property and are allowed to stay there for only a short period, generally a week. Throughout the year, it is stayed in by different people. This makes owning a vacation property far less costly.

Timeshare Amenities

Although it is similar to owning or renting a property of your own, timeshares generally come fully-equipped with linens, furniture and décor. Timeshares may be in the form of resort, condos, or villas. These resort timeshares sometimes even have a pool, gym and spa.