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Musuems & Theatres

The Oaxaca area is constantly hosting different types of art exhibitions and various cultural events. The city’s museums and theatres are usually busy with exhibitions and live musical performances. There is a great number of choices on any given date. Check around town, there are flyers and posters pasted all over town advising of the many exhibitions and live performances. You can also check with the local tourism office which is located at the corner of Av. Independencia and Garcia Vigil, their telephone number is 516-0123, ask for the “Guía Cultural” for the current month.

Museums (Museos)

  • Casa de Cultura Oaxaqueña

    Cultural displays and events – Concerts -Dance – Theatre – Cultural workshops. González Ortega 403, 516-1154

  • Centro Cultural Santo Domingo

    Spectacular display of jewelry, costumes and artifacts from the incredible Monte Albán archeological site dating to 500 AD. Gift shop – books. Alcalá y Gurrión
    Centro Histórico, 516-2991

  • Instituto de Artes Gráficas

    Devoted to promoting and exhibiting the graphic arts – over 5,000 engravings, etchings and wood block prints from all over the world – Extensive library. Alcalá 507
    Centro Histórico, 516-2045</li>

  • Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia

    Historical displays and artifacts from the Monte Albán archeological site. Zona Arqueológica
    de Monte Albán, 516-1215

  • Museo Rufino Tamayo

    Featuring Rufino Tamayo’s vast collection of pre- Hispanic art, which has been donated to the state of Oaxaca and is on permanent display. Morelos 503
    Centro Histórico, 516-4750

  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca

    Featuring works of both local and nationally acclaimed artists – 14 exhibition rooms, with 6 devoted to permanent displays. Alcalá 202
    Centro Histórico, 514-2228

  • Museo Casa de Juárez

    The modest house where Benito Juárez was raised has been meticulously restored. Get a feeling of life in Oaxaca during the mid-19th century. García Vigil 609
    Centro Histórico, 516-1860</li>

  • Museo de Filatelia

    It’s a stamp museum, but the architecture and quality of the displays deserve at least a quick peek. Reforma 504
    Centro Histórico, 516-8028


  • Teatro Alvaro Carrillo

    Theatre – Recitals – Performing arts – Concerts. Calzada Madero
    at Av. Tecnológico, 514-5539

  • Teatro Macedonio Alcalá

    Theatre – Recitals – Performing arts – Concerts. Independencia 900, 516-3387

  • Sala Versalles

    Theatre – Recitals – Performing arts – Concerts. M. Ocampo 105, 516-0815