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Side Trips

Oaxaca has a plethora of side trips for vacationers to take part on. Many of the side trips are close to Oaxaca, which makes them fairly easy to access.

Oaxaca Side Trips by location

This list of Oaxaca side trips groups them together by distance and direction from Oaxaca.

Side Trips to the South of Oaxaca

Side Trips east of Oaxaca

Side Trips west of Oaxaca

Oaxaca Side Trips by Activities

This list provides a summary of each side trip, as well as grouping it with other similar trips.

Goods, Trinkets, and Shopping

Many of these villages have specialty goods that they sell.

Oaxaca Cultural centers

  • Mitla – Modern Mitla is a set of ruins of an ancient Zapotec religious center.
  • Monte Albán – Monte Albán is a massive Zapotec cultural center with pyramids and temples.
  • Yagul – Zapotec ruins, similar to Monte Albán
  • Miscellaneous Side Trips

    Santa María El Tule – Santa María El Tule is rumored in the region to be the “biggest tree in the world.”