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Arrazola is the village that is home to the renowned wood carvers who are the creators of the Alebrijes, or imaginary, fantasy animals, and the many other objects that are carved out of a local wood named copal. Collectors prize these brightly painted wood sculptures and some have become very valuable.

These imaginative carvings come in all shapes, sizes and are usually brightly colored with intricate designs, all panted by hand.

The carvings of Arrazola have found their way into some very upscale galleries in the U.S. and Canada, always at premium prices. Although they are produced in other Mexican villages, sometimes in an almost factory like atmosphere, the village of Arrazola is the original home of carvers of the Alebrijes. A visit to this small village is sure to be an interesting addition to your trip.

Location: 8 miles from Oaxaca on the road to Zaachila.