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5 Top Rated Attractions in Oaxaca

by Rick Wendland on March 12, 2012

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Oaxaca in Mexico is a destination that is steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty. However, there is much more to this area than just its past and its breathtaking scenery. It is also a place that is packed with attractions to suit all sorts of tastes and preferences, which is what makes is such as diverse and exciting place to visit.

In fact, when you visit Oaxaca you can look forward to a full itinerary, so you certainly won’t be short of things to do. Whilst there are many different and unique attractions and landmarks to enjoy here, five of the top rated ones include:

Rufino Tamayo Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art: Open both in the day and at night, this museum offers access to a variety of fascinating prehistoric exhibitions and artefacts. This is a great place for those with an interest in archaeology and there are descriptions in a variety of different languages including English, which makes it even more accessible for a wider range of people

Teatro Macedonio de Alcala:

Constructed back in 1903, this theater is not just a piece of history for visitors to explore but also a great place to catch performances, which still take place there. Many have been thrilled to take in the beautiful interior of the building and the theater is a great place for lovers of culture and the arts

Ethnobotanical Garden

If you are into flora and fauna, a trip to the Ethnobotanical Garden is well worth it. You will enjoy taking a tour around the gardens and learning about the botanical diversity of the region. You will find a diverse array of local plants to learn more about and you can enjoy taking in the artistic landscape

Tule Tree:

When it comes to historical landmarks, the Tule Tree is one of the well known ones in this area. This is a large cypress tree that is thought to be over two thousand years old, making it a popular place to visit amongst those that want to soak up its history and enjoy some great photo opportunities


Described as the centre of social activity in the area, this is a vibrant and buzzing plaza, which has an array of stores and is also home to an 18th century cathedral. Lively and fun, there is always something happening here, making it a great place to come even if you just want a wander around

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