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The flavors of Oaxaca are many, and they are tasty! Along with your steak houses and restaurants that specialize in Argentine, Italian and oriental fare, you have a lot of restaurants that specialize in Oaxacan regional dishes.

Oaxaca Food

Oaxaca is famous for the wide variety of mole sauces served here, all of which are extremely delicious. Tamales are another Oaxacan specialty, the locals seem to have a special way of preparing tamales that make them taste better than anywhere else in México.

Fast food fanatics will also feel right at home with McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and Domino’s are all represented here. Many of the local restaurants and most of the fast food establishments will deliver to your hotel.

There are enough good restaurants, cafes and coffee houses in downtown Oaxaca to keep anyone happy and full.

Oaxaca Restaurants

Name Specialty Telephone Location
Alfredo Da Roma Italian 516-5058 M. Alcalá 400, Centro Histórico
Arte y Tradición Regional Specialties 512-5011 García Vigil 406, Centro Histórico
Candela Mexican 514-2010 Murguía 413, Centro Histórico
Casa Blanca Chinese 513-5754 Casa Blanca Circuito Sur 113, La Cascada
Café La Olla International 516-1165 Reforma 402, Centro Histórico
Cafetería Tito’s Coffee & Desserts 516-7379 García Vigil 116, Centro Histórico
Casa de Cantera Regional Specialties 514-7585 Murguía 102, Centro Histórico
Catedral Mexican 516-3285 García Vigil 105, Centro Histórico
Coffee Beans Coffee & Desserts N/A Cinco de Mayo 400, Centro Histórico
Colibrí International 515-8087 Calz. Héroes de Chapultepec 903, Reforma
Del Oste Regional Specialties 515-3836 Calz. Profirio Díaz 110, Reforma
D’Gala Oaxaca Mexican 514-2929 Bustamante 103, Centro Histórico
Del Jardín Regional Specialties 516-2092 Portal de Flores 10, Centro Histórico
El Asador Vasco International 514-4755 Portal de Flores 10, Centro Histórico
El Chato Sea Food 515-9553 Margarita Maza de Juárez 407, Centro Histórico
El Ché Argentine 515-1999 Belisario Domínguez 503, Reforma
El Dominico Regional Specialties 516-2121 J.P. García 502, Centro Historico
El Infierno International 516-3921 Crespo 210, Centro Histórico
El Marqués International 514-7030 Portal de Clavería s/n, Centro Histórico
El Mesón del Negro Mexican 513-1378 Amapolas 221, Reforma
El Milenario Regional Specialties 518-0775 Guerrero 4-A, Santa María del Tule
El Mirador International 516-5150 Carr. Intl. Km. 3, Cerro del Fortín
El Molino Steak House 514-2907 Yagul 106, San José la Noria
El Naranjo Regional Specialties 514-1878 Trujano 203, Centro Histórico
El Pescador Sea Food/Mexican 516-5091 Miguel Cabrera 510, Centro Histórico
El Portal de la Soledad Regional Specialties 514-0533 Portal Benito Juárez 116 – Upstairs, Centro
El Regio de Oaxaca Steak House 515-1996 Palmeras 304, Reforma
El Sagrario Italian/Intl. 514-0303 Valdivieso 120, Centro
El Sol y La Luna International 514-8069 Reforma 502, Centro Historico
Gaia Natural Foods (044 561) 545-3162 115 Labastida, Centro Histórico
La Antigua Gourmet Mexican 516-5761 Reforma 401, Centro Histórico
La Brew Coffee/Waffles 514-9673 García Vigil 409-B, Centro Histórico
La Casa de la Abuela Regional Specialties 516-3544 Av. Hidalgo 616 – Upstairs, Centro Histórico
La Casita Regional Specialties 516-2917 Av. Hidalgo 612 – Upstairs, Centro
La Ermita Coffee & Desserts 515-3187 Iturbide 100, San Felipe del Agua
La Fonda de Santo Domingo Regional Specialties 514-8924 5 de Mayo 411, Centro Historico
La Ola Restaurant and Bar Regional Specialties 516-6668 Reforma No. 402-1, Centro Historico
La Primavera Regional Specialties 516-2595 Av. Hidalgo y Portal de Flores, Centro Histórico
La Rústica Italian 516-7696 Murguia 101, Centro Histórico
La Veranda French N/A M. Alcala 202, Centro Histórico
Las Campanas Mexican 515-3187 Iturbide 100, San Felipe del Agua
Le Crepe Crepes 516-2200 M. Alcalá 307, Centro Histórico
Los Chapulines Regional Specialties 515-7646 Murguía 104, Centro
Los Novios Regional Specialties 516-3015 20 de Noviembre 211, Centro Histórico
Los Pacos Regional Specialties 514-1351 Independencia 601, Centro Histórico
Madre Tierra Italian/Vegetarian 516-7798 5 de Mayo 411, Centro Histórico
María Bonita Regional Specialties 516-7233 M. Alcalá 706-B, Centro Histórico
Pizza Rústica Italian 516-7696 M. Alcalá 303, Centro Histórico
Pizza, Pasta y Más Italian 514-4118 Portal de Clavería s/n, Centro Histórico
Quing Long Chinese 514-3887 M. Alcalá 407 – Upstairs, Centro Histórico
Regio de Oaxaca Mexican 515-1996 Palmeras 304, Reforma
Rincón Zapoteco Regional Specialties 515-0129 Violetas 121, Reforma
Restaurant & Bar Marco Polo Fresh Sea Food 513-4308 Pino Suárez No. 806, Centro Histórico
Terranova International 514-0533 Portal Benito Juárez 116, Centro Histórico
Tito’s Mexican 516-1971 García Vigil 116, Centro Histórico
Veracruz Mexican 515-0511 Calz. Héroes de Chapultepec 1020, Reforma
VIPS International 515-9341 Av. Juárez 809, Centro Histórico

Oaxaca Fast Food Restaurants

McDonald’s Hamburgers 516-0612 Av. Universidad 139, Plaza del Valle
Domino’s Pizza 514-4404 Calz. Porfirio Díaz 401, Reforma
Pizza Hut Pizza 514-3337 Av. Universidad 139, Plaza del Valle
Sushi Express Sushi 515-0075 Murguía 104, Centro Histórico
Tacos Alvaro Tacos 516-7482 Porfirio Díaz 617, Barrio Carmen Alto